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Mobile Strike Game

Are you all excited and ready for Machine Zone’s new mobile strategy modern war game “Mobile Strike”? They were very successful with their previous game Game of War: Fire Age which was world’s top-grossing title in gaming market since the summer. The new and very promising game Mobile Strike became very popular in a very short time. When we speak about the art work and promoting the modern warfare game, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the public figure appearing in all commercials about this game. Mobile Strike is free and you can download it from App Store and Google Play. Machine Zone has announced that they have set a new studio for managing the game, called Epic War.

About our Mobile Strike Hack

This online hack generator is able to generate an unlimited amount of GOLD and VIP. The hack works online and there is no need for you to download other applications in order to generate. This is the only working tool on the internet. Our team is constantly updating and fixing the hack so it can be easier and more user friendly for you. The generator is connecting to the resources database by a proxy server so you cannot be detected or banned from the game. We guarantee a 100% safe and virus free experience. After using the hack your resources are automatically transferred to your Mobile Strike account. You can use this hack as many times as you wish. We made this Mobile Strike Hack free so you won’t spend your money for buying resources all the time. We are a team of professional programmers and we are also playing this game, we had the same problems with spending all of our money on resources as you, so we decided to make this HACK.

Features and Instructions

This Mobile Strike Hack will provide you with the most important thing in the game “GOLD”. With this resource you can buy all other resources like Food, Oil, Stones, Iron and Coins. This way you can expand your base by making it more powerful in defense and offense. Also you will upgrade you Commander. The hack works for all Android and IOS game users. There is no need for you to jailbreak or root your device.

The hack is very easy to use. First you must make sure that your game is installed on your phone or tablet and you have a existing account in the game. If everything is in order, follow these instructions:

  • In order to begin, you must first enter the Generator page.
  • Please enter your username in the blank username field. Make sure you enter your correct username.
  • Now select the amount of Gold and VIP you want to be transferred to your account.
  • If everything is set, click on the Generate button on the bottom.
  • Now the Generator will connect to the Recourses database and will begin.
  • A pop-up Human Verification dialog will appear. Please enter the required information so we will confirm you are not a bot..
  • Success!!! Now run your game and you will see you resources transferred to your Account.

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